Where did the summer go?

My grandchildren built this fairy house while we were at dance camp this summer.

In my mind, I have written numerous entertaining and insightful observations all summer, but according to WordPress, I have not posted anything at all since Memorial Day. How could that possibly be? It seems like no time since the students left town last May. Now all 35,000 are back, looking younger and more scantily dressed than ever, and fall is fast approaching.

So many things have happened in the past few months that I wanted to share, and it is almost impossible to go back and tell it like it was. But here’s a sampling:

  • In June, the 17-year cicadas emerged from the ground and nearly drove us all crazy for several weeks, flying wildly into everyone in their mad race to the tree tops. (I didn’t get a chance to try the cicada ice cream at Sparky’s before the health department shut down production.)
  • My older son returned safe and mostly sound from his third deployment in nine years and immediately took up motorcycle racing. (As though I didn’t have enough to worry about.)
  • My father blacked out while behind the wheel and crashed through an intersection, hitting four cars and totalling his own. (He is now under “house arrest” for six months until the doctors make sure his new pacemaker is working properly.)
  • We had to move our bee hives (or thought we did) when predictions started coming in of a “flood of historic proportions.” (The Missouri river is still running high and fast, but we have had little rain all summer, and the field where the bees had been never did flood.)
  • We got word that our office will be merging with another office on campus.
  • I read a ton of books and almost managed to capture that magical feeling I used to get as a child when I was in the “Busy Bee Book Club” and would read all summer long, out on a blanket in the yard or up in the crotch of a tree or on the front-porch swing or in the musty reading room in the public library.
  • My husband and I took two of our grandchildren (age 13 and 11) to dance camp in Nancy, Kentucky, not knowing how these millennial kids would respond to a week filled with nature walks, square dancing, traditional games, crafts, and no TV or video games. (Turns out they loved it and want to go back next year!)
  • I let my garden fall into a terrible state of disrepair. (One good thing about winter is that it gives me a chance to start over again.)
  • We shopped at the farmers market and happily ate everything as it came  into season. (We’re enjoying peaches and corn on the cob right now, but we know they won’t last much longer. The winter squash is already starting to make an appearance.)
  • We went blueberry picking on a hot sunny day.
  • We danced in an old general store in McKittrick, outside on the grass at a Civil War reenactment in Boonville, and in the community center in Hallsville.
  • I’m looking forward to a quick trip to Portland, Oregon, next month to visit my younger son before he heads back to Antarctica for the second time. (He’s going fishing, he says.)

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