Urban Farm Hootenanny

Second Annual Hootnanny at the Urban Farm

What a lovely day we had yesterday, the first day of October, the kind of blue-sky day that reminds me that I need to get outside way more often. We started out at the farmers market, where we ran into many of our dancing friends, who were also out shopping for local or organic produce. I had been bemoaning the end of summer (no more corn on the cob, cantaloupe, tomatoes, peaches), but I have to admit that the fall crops (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples) have their place, too, and I was happy to see lettuce and spinach back now that the days are cooler.

Next we drove to the city’s mulch site at Capen Park and ran into another friend, who was dropping off some tree trimmings. It was a busy place, with quite a few people dropping off yard waste of all kinds (brush, tree trimmings, rotted fire wood, and one truck load of watermelon rinds).  After we loaded up the truck with mulch, we also picked up a few tree limbs to take home and cut into firewood.

Then we went to the second annual urban farm hootenanny, where we enjoyed the bright sky and the sunshine,  listened to live music, visited with friends, checked out the silent auction items, admired the crops, and enjoyed some city-slicker bbq chicken, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled butternut squash, mixed greens, apple crisp, and wine, all from local producers. Days like this make me realize how blessed I am.